GOOMAH You are riding me crazy!
Goomah / goo 'ma /

1 a Mafioso’s mistress.
2 our racing bike.

GOOMAH in the urban dictionary is defined as “a Mafioso’s mistress”. Knowing real passionate cyclists and how they do love their bike we thought that no better name could express our bikes.

GOOMAH began as an after hours indulgence among the inner circle of the ASSOS Werksmannschaft. This was their “What if?”project. The world didn’t really need another bicycle frame, but the ASSOS team does need to be continually challenged. So, like many other engineering refinements, this one was driven by curiosity and passion. After all, ASSOS is the cycling apparel R&D+R company — and that “+R” stands for Refinement.

The development team didn’t begin work in a vacuum. Their expertise and experience with all things cycling is wide-ranging. And the ASSOS knowledge well is deep. Remember, it was ASSOS who invented the first carbon-fiber frame in 1976. So, along with the company’s global network of specialists, the team was able to take their vision to the next level and create the ultimate racing bike.

Some might ask, but ASSOS is an apparel company, isn’t it? How did they do it? Those are good questions. It really is a practical impossibility for an apparel company to internally develop, from scratch, a complete high performance racing bike. The answer is access. The team was able to access competent knowhow through the unique, global network of ASSOS suppliers and partners. Their first order was to find the right carbon fiber, really just another synthetic material like the components of ASSOS textiles.
And finding the right fiber is an ASSOS Textile Lab specialty. So, the physical creation of the prototype was assigned to a group of European carbon fiber specialists who usually develop avantgarde carbon fiber components for America’s Cup racing, Moto GP, and GT endurance car racing.

That product — now, GOOMAH — provided so much knowledge, so much joy, so many thrills, and a potential for so much more, that the development team and its network have formed an independent Swiss cycling engineering company called GOOMAH SA, an independent organization, to engage in further cycling frame R&D, engineering and manufacturing. Assos holds a minority stake in GOOMAH SA.

GOOMAH is headquartered in Switzerland. Design and engineering is conducted in several European locations, équipe EXPLOIT and the ASSOS Werksmannschaft are in charge for the product development. Physical manufacturing is done in Taiwan, the country with the most skilled hands when it comes to producing high quality, high tech, carbon fiber racing bikes.